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Care Connections

Care Connections volunteers work to help the population we serve better navigate the healthcare system, build trust with their providers, decrease fear of judgement or mistreatment at clinical appointments, increase health literacy, and promote adherence to treatment plans. Three of the ways in which CC accomplishes these goals include accompaniment (accompanying a client to a doctor’s appointment when needed), transportation (providing transport by bus or cab to a medical appointment), and care facilitation/casework/consultations. 

Care Connections also provides outreach services which include a limited scope of direct medical care, social support, and food delivery to people living in encampments in the Madison area. Our current CC outreach services include Monday evenings 4-5:30pm at McPike Park and Wednesday mornings 9:30-10:15am at Highway 30 bridge. Times and locations for all upcoming CC outreach can be found on our Calendar.


Aim: Facilitate care & care connections with our consumers/clients/patients

Domain: To plan and implement outreach services, including limited scope direct care, other than those of evening street health team, including FUMC Octagon & potential other site specific locations

  • Accompaniment
  • Transportation
  • Care facilitation/Casework/Consultations

Addendum to Domain: During COVID emergency phase our emergency response is: outreach services, obtaining supplies for comfort and symptom management for our vulnerable population housed at the hotels and rough sleepers.


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Please see our Donations page if you are interested in donating supplies, or contact our volunteer coordinator at volcoord@machonehealth.org if you are interested in volunteering!