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Madison Street Medicine Initiative

Street Health Teams include a medical provider (physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant), a nurse, a mental health professional, and a team manager. Team members wear glowing green lights in order to be readily identified from a distance. Our medically trained volunteers provide direct medical care, social support, and care coordination to people experiencing homelessness during our weekly street rounds on Thursday evenings from 5 – 8pm. 

We connect with people on our rounds, say hello, check on their well-being, and offer a limited scope of direct clinical care as well as assistance in addressing barriers to traditional health services. We also generally carry some health/hygiene items such as clean socks and seasonally-appropriate preventative items such as sunscreen, bug-spray, or hand/foot-warmers for anyone in need. Not only do these items help people stay healthy, they also offer an invaluable opportunity for us to connect with them and begin to establish trust. Our teams work to promote connections with social service agencies so that people can access housing and other critical services. Our organizational value of OneHealth teaches us that all aspects of well-being are connected! Our teams are guided by a fundamental respect for people’s privacy, choices, and how they move in the world.  We take a non-judgmental stance and we seek to always provide trauma-informed care.

In addition, our volunteers also provide care through our Telemedicine program that takes place at The Beacon on Tuesday afternoons from 1 – 3pm. A volunteer nurse meets with each person at The Beacon and is able to take some of their vital signs, including blood pressure. Our clients are then able to meet virtually with one of providers to address any medical concerns they may have.

Times and locations for all upcoming MSMI services can be found on our Calendar. 


Aim: Making the work of MACH OneHealth Street Health Teams and MACH OneHealth Care Connection Teams possible: meeting unsheltered and insecurely housed people of Madison where they live, and responding to their health needs with direct care and advocacy services

Domain: Managing MSMI staff and volunteer activities relating to Street Health Team rounds and Care Connections efforts. This includes:

  • Establishing scope of Street Health Team rounds
  • Establishing scope of Care Connections efforts
  • Evaluating Street Health Team rounds and Care Connections efforts
  • Vetting and training Street Health Team and Care Connections volunteers (including annual HIPAA training)
  • Developing and maintaining memoranda of understanding with community partners to achieve our aim.
  • Providing high quality care for our clients and patients by:
    • Ensuring that protected health data is handled appropriately to protect patient/client privacy.
    • Vetting MSMI staff and volunteers with reference checks and criminal/caregiver background checks.
    • Ensuring clinical volunteers’ licensure, malpractice insurance, vaccination and TB testing are current.
    • Establishing and reviewing clinical guidelines adapted for the street
    • Maintaining stock of clinical supplies (including medications) as well as outreach engagement items (seasonally appropriate health and hygiene supplies, including socks, bottled water, insect repellent, gloves and hand warmers, etc.) for distribution by Street Health Teams and Care Connections Teams.
    • Promoting Street Health Teams’ and Care Connections Teams’ efforts to support client/patient well-being via referrals to appropriate health care providers and social service agencies.



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Please see our Donations page if you are interested in donating supplies, or contact our volunteer coordinator at volcoord@machonehealth.org if you are interested in volunteering!